No matter how small a county is, it contributes to the overall economy of the country and Audrain County is no exception. This small, rural county is located towards the Northeast of Missouri. It has a sizable population of approximately 26,000 people. In terms of distances, Audrain County is around an hour and half away from St. Louis and approximately 3 hours to Kansas City.

Audrain County’s economy has exceeded that of Missouri on several occasions. It has shown tremendous economic growth in the past decade and has been a forerunner in the Missouri economy with Mexico City as its county seat.

What gives the economy an advantage is its location close to the four-lane highways of U.S. Highway 54 as well as Interstate I-70. This makes it a centralized location for the expansion of many large manufacturing companies. In fact, manufacturing is now the backbone of this economy and is gradually surpassing agriculture in terms of economic relevance for the zone.

The county is also a major railhead when it comes to goods shipping and movement of products via rail. The nearby Mexico county seat has an FAA airport that is unregulated. Its two runways have also given the area the ability to entertain corporate landings. Several manufacturing companies have made inroads in Audrain County. These are largely technology based. This region is famous for production of pharmaceutical products as well as those automobile related. Diverse products such as airplane kits and fittings for vinyl windows are made here too. Five years ago, Audrain County inaugurated its first bio-diesel based plant.