Map of Missouri highlighting Audrain County

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Audrain County, Missouri is home to many attractions, but perhaps one of its most prominent attributes is its source of football players. Jason Brookins of the city of Mexico played for the Baltimore Ravens, Dedrick Harrington, also of Mexico, has played for the Dallas Cowboys, and Howard Wayne Kindig (from Mexico!) played for the Buffalo Bills. The source of these and other skilled players is related to the abundance of rural open space and a culture that is crazy for both college and high school football. To the many predominantly southern folks who are deeply attached to amateur football, Audrain County is the perfect place to be.

The Missouri Military Academy is a boys’ school located in the Audrain County seat of Mexico. It has an active football team that sends young men off to college on football scholarships each year. Local residents flock to games to enjoy the team spirit of their local kids. The Mexico Ledger covers high school sports with the same attention as the professionals in a larger city. During the fall football season, the Ledger even has a whole section about high school football. Local businessmen and politicans looking to boost their prominence in the community will discuss their football experience in interviews. Football is definitely part of the fabric of Audrain County.

If football is not the main attraction, then new visitors and residents to Audrain County can enjoy the tradition of homecoming. The fanfare of the homecoming parade, the tailgate parties, and the comraderie of local residents who are celbrating their traditions can be a wonderful treat. Prior to the 2009 homecoming game, a Black Hawk airplane flew over the field to begin the celebration. Everyone can be swept up in the fun and excitement of football and all of its commemorating events in Audrain County.