It is sometimes difficult to organize a vacation where everyone in the family has something to which they look forward. Audrain County does work as a good tourist spot with several opportunities for sightseeing, adventure sports as well as quiet relaxation. However, what really gets people going is the presence of three golf courses here on which to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Golf courses in tourist areas have long been an attraction and in Audrain County it is no different. One of the courses here is the Mexico Country Club. This private course comes with nine interestingly laid out holes. You will need to reserve your tee time. The weekdays are a good bet for those vacationing. Weekends tend to get a little busy as well as expensive with admission fees being $15 a head.

One of the larger golf courses here in Audrain County is the Arthur Hills Golf Course. This comes with 18 holes to play on. It is a semi-private course and you will have to find out the times when the general public are allowed to come and play. Of course, you will have to reserve your tee time in advance. With other courses, weekend admission fee is $15.

Another course that grabs the interest of tourists in Audrain County is the Vandalia Country Club. This is a private course with nine holes. Reservation for tee time is a must especially if you plan to visit on weekends. The amenities in terms of golf requirements as well as other leisure related ones are great here. Weekends invite a $15 admission fee.

Golf courses are a great way to keep the men in the group occupied while the women and children spend a leisurely afternoon relaxing over a long brunch. All these golf courses provide such an opportunity.