Audrain County- Welcome To Rural America Where Life Is Still About Fun and Good Living

Audrain county is the perfect destination for you if you want a laid back and relaxed vacation in rural America. If you are bored of the same old fake and artificially decked up hotels and restaurants and if you want to enjoy nature at its best, then visiting Audrain county in Missouri makes sense.

For starters, the region is unapologetic about being rural. The economy is based on hogs, pigs and other such animals. Of course, this does not mean you will be living in the county where there is no electricity or running water. Basic amenities and facilities are available. However, Audrain county is one place where you can lead the good old rustic and rough and tough American life without any difficulty.

Any person visiting Audrain county should Focus on Mexico, which is the biggest and the oldest city in the county. This city offers all essential amenities for any visiting tourist and also offers access to various attractions nearby. If you love walking and if it helps you distress and relax, you can opt for the various hiking trails situated in the county.

If you want to spend our time relaxing in Parks, you can check out Fairgrounds, Garfield or Jefferson Street mini park or situated in Mexico itself. Of course, each and every other city in the county has something special to offer as well. With good connectivity and easy access by road and plane, you should not have any difficulty in locating Audrain county for spending your vacation here.

The community also has a very strong religious and spiritual base. This may be your best chance of enjoying religion incorporated as a part of your daily life style without any fuss or formalities attached. The laid back approach towards life is the perfect way to restore balance in your body and mind after leading stressful life in urban areas.


Audrain County Agriculture Livestock

A. Hogs
To enhance opportunities for the success of Missouri and U.S. pork producers and other industry stakeholders by establishing the Missouri and U.S. pork industry as a consistent and responsible supplier of high quality pork to the domestic and world market, making Missouri and U.S. pork the consumer’s meat of choice.
Pork by-products are used for many things, following are examples:
Human health care products: heart valves, insulin, skin
Home products: bone china, cellophane cement, floor waxes, glass, glue, insulation, matches, plastics, upholstery, water filters
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B. Cattle
Pound for pound, Americans eat more beef than any other meat. Beef is an excellent source of:

Complete protein, which builds, maintains and repairs body tissues.
Absorbable iron, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen to body cells and tissues.
Zinc, a necessary mineral for growth and reproduction, and for maintaining the integrity of the body’s immune system.
B-vitamins, which are important for digestion and metabolism, maintaining a healthy nervous system, and promoting healthy skin.
Cattle provide us with many by-products –
Blood factors (for treating hemophilia, killing viruses and making anti-rejection drugs)
Chymotrypsin (promotes healing of burns and wounds)
Collagen (used in plastic surgery and to make non-stick bandages)
Cortisol (anti-inflammatory)
Glucagon (treats hypoglycemia or low blood sugar)
Heparin (anitcoagulant used to treat blood clots)
Insulin (for treating diabetes or high blood sugar)
Pancreatin (aids in digestion of food)
Thrombin (coagulant that helps blood clot)
Vasopressin (controls intestinal and renal functions)
Vitamin B-12 (prevention of B-complex deficiencies)
Additional by-products (made from cattle fats and protein):
Candles, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Crayons, Deodorants, Detergents, Floor Wax, Insecticides, Insulation, Linoleum, Mouthwash, Paints, Paper, Perfume, Plastic, Shaving Cream, Soaps, Synthetic Rubber, Textiles and Toothpaste
Cowhide provides leather, which is used to make clothing, shoes, boots, belts, purses, wallets, gloves, luggage, and automobile and furniture upholstery.

Audrain County Agriculture History

Agriculture in Audrain County has a strong history. Following are some of the highlights over the past years.

1854 Land Price was a “bit” per acre or $0.125 / acre
1859 First Ag Society formed (planned and held 2 fairs prior to Civil War 1861)
1913-1915 First County Extension Agriculture Agent
1920s Soybeans were introduced
1936 First Permanent Extension Agent
1939 Consolidated Electric energized first 80 miles of electric line
1945 MFA completed construction of the first soybean processing plant in northeast Missouri. Today the plant is owned by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).

photo from the history of agriculture in Audrain County, Missouri

Value of Products sold 1929 – $7 million
1939 – $2.5 m.
1959 – $16 m.
1992 – $76 m.
(Measured in bushels) 1850 1920 1970 1997
Corn Production 285,000 2.9 m 4.2 m 5.2 m
Soybean 2.7 m 4.4 m
Sorghum 710,000 3.2 m
Wheat 11,448 319,250 574,000 1.7 m
(Number of head)
Milk Cows 1,421 6,400 900 850
Total Cattle 6,098 29,800 66,300 39,000
Hogs 11,367 56,400 117,600 101,000
Sheep 7,180 21,500 6,121 NA

Information sources: History of Audrain County an Update 1936-1986, Sponsor’s Edition, Audrain Centennial History, History of Audrian County Missouri. Note: All of the books mentioned are located at the Mexico-Audrain Library.


Audrain County Agriculture Agribusiness

Audrain Agribusiness in a non-profit organization that promotes agriculture and agribusiness in Audrain County. The organization began in the late 1980′s, to work together in promoting the area as an agricultural center for Central and Northeast Missouri. With businesses joining together, the group has and continues to provide information and services that will benefit both the member businesses and the agricultural producers. Together the businesses and producers work to meet the needs and challenges of agriculture.

Currently there are more than 60 Audrain Agribusiness members. Members pay yearly dues. The organization has a committee that meets monthly to take care of detailed operations and regular business. The committee also plans and coordinates many of the activities for the organization.

The 1998 board members are: Delana Becker, Lori Diemeke, Mike Fuller, Guy Eick, Dan Monte, Tony Robertson, Jean Ann Mechlin and Mary Sobba


Audrain County Health

HEALTH (album)
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Audrain Medical Center

What makes a great health system?

It all starts with a hospital — a hospital like Audrain Medical Center, with nearly 80 years of experience in bringing life into the world, keeping us healthy, treating our emergencies and helping us recover.

Our state-of-the-art Emergency Room saw more than 14,000 patients last year, and our surgery suite is home to many services that you may not have thought possible this close to home, including foldable lens, no-stitch cataract procedures and total joint replacements. In fact, nearly 30 medical specialities are practiced by our physicians and right here in Mexico — from Anesthesiology and Cardiology to Sports Medicine and Urology.

It takes more to be a system of health care. It takes a system of clinics that bring quality health care directly into our rural communities. Our MedChoice clinics and physicians provide family health care in cities like Vandalia, Montgomery City, Wellsville, Paris, Mexico, and Perry.

Our AMCare service takes health care one step further — right into the home. AMCare provides home health, hospice, and homemaker services throughout our region.

AMC’s Arthur Center is the region’s leader in treatment and counseling for these illnesses, as well as substance abuse, marriage/family & and women’s issues. We’re here to help 24 hours a day.

HEALTHworks provides outpatient physical rehabilitation services. This includes physical therapy, sports medicine, occupational medicine, and speech therapy. Simply put, we help our patients recover quickly from their injuries/surgeries so they can return to life and work again.

And now we are extremely excited about Missouri Advantage, our new regional health plan. Missouri Advantage is the only health plan in our area that is locally owned and managed but has the strength of a state-wide network of independent, rural hospitals. Missouri Advantage was the first provider-sponsored health plan in our area, including Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri.HRB

This is an exciting time for health care in our communities and Audrain Medical Center looks forward to providing the physicians, facilities, and services to keep us healthy and well into the next century.