Audrain County Commission

young2.JPG (6682 bytes) Richard Webber Tom Groves
Roger Young
Eastern District
Richard Webber
Presiding Commissioner
Tom Groves
Western District
101 N. Jefferson St., Room 102
Mexico, Missouri 25265
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The County Commission consists of three county commissioners elected from two districts equal in population as possible by natural geographic boundaries. The Presiding Commissioner is elected by the county at large, and the Associate Commissioners, are elected from their respective districts. Both the Presiding and the Associate Commissioners serve for four years per election.

The County Commission manages all aspects of county government not assigned by law to other elected officials. The Audrain County Commission is responsible for maintenance and improvement of all buildings, roads, bridges, construction and maintenance and equipment of the county. They grant easements over county roads. The Commission appoints Audrain County residents to serve on local service boards. One of the Commissioners’ most important functions is Budgetary. Budgets prepared for each of the various county offices must be approved by the commission. It is the only body that can make decisions on behalf of all county government. Other elected county office holders, who are independently elected throughout the county, have authority in their functional areas. The other officers of the county are independently elected from the entire county. The County Commission has the power and authority to acquire by purchase, lease or receive by donation any improved or unimproved real estate, and also, may institute proceedings in the name of the county to condemn land or other property when agreement cannot be reached between the county and property owners for public purpose projects.

Although, the Audrain County Commission administers most of the county business, it has little legislative authority. The Commission serves as liaison for the county between other local units of government, regional bodies, state and federal agencies. The Missouri General Assembly is the county legislative body. This results in little policy-making authority for the County Commission.