Audrain county is in Missouri. Located in the heart of the US, the largely rural county is a picturesque setting. According to the 2009 population estimate, Audrain county had around twenty five thousand people. A small population this, yet Audrain county is thickly populated with livestock.

It does not have a mixed culture. The large part of the population constitutes white Americans, while black Americans hover around ten percent. The percentage of Asians, and Hispanics is negligible. This shows that though Audrain county is not diverse culturally, it has plenty of room to accommodate an influx of culturally variety.

The primary language spoken is English. Though other languages are spoken, this is again negligible. Audrain county boasts of a high percentage of high school graduates. It has more than seventy five percent high school graduates. This easily classifies it as a place with good literacy.

Audrain county is a place that’s good to set up a home. Given the fact that three-fourth of the population own a house, this might not be difficult. A home in Audrain county will be like living in a rural backdrop of an urban setting. And not the other way round, as most people experience it.

The per capita income of Audrain county is close to twenty thousand dollars per year. This is pretty good considering that Audrain county is bang in the middle, and not along the coast. If it were, then there would be more trade and commerce happening because of its geographical disposition.

Even as we talk about the per capita income, it is interesting to note that Audrain county does have people below the poverty line. Around fifteen percent people fall below the poverty line. Now with new developments in Audrain county, that statistic will gradually come down.

Audrain county is sparsely populated at some places, and slightly denser in some parts. So there’s a lot of place, and less people here. Yet it does not wear a desolated look.