Oh there she is, Miss Missouri.  Just ask Erika Hebron, Miss Missouri 2010.   The Miss Missouri pageant is held in Audrain County.  From the preliminary competition in swimsuit, interview and evening gown on the Wednesday before the pageant to the Saturday crowning of Miss Missouri, it is a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.  The talent section of the competition is first and is awarded separately then the other competitions.  The interview is 50% of the score, with the evening gown and swimsuit competition at 25% each.

The girls have prepared all year for the competition.  The evening gowns swirl down the runway for all to see.  The judges are feverishly scoring each one. How do they choose?  They are all so beautiful.  The swimsuit competition is another 25% of the score.  Two piece bathing suits being allowed in the competition now, they dominate the field.  Heels and bathing suits, these girls should get crowns just for walking around like that.  After this part of the competition, the finalists are announced and the girls move on to the final phase of the competition.

The all important interview portion, the big 50% of the score and the part of the competition that most definitely could push a contestant right to the front of the line.  Questions are asked about relevant events, tragedies or ways in which organizations are handling current day issues.  The contestants need to be knowledgeable in the category of which their question is asked, and try their best to answer sincerely, as they are being judged on that too. No stammering or fidgeting, just bring your spin to it.

The judges have tallied their scores, and a winner is crowned.  Her work has just begun.  Now she must prepare herself for the Miss USA pageant, where she will not only be competing for the title of Miss USA, she will be solely representing the state of Missouri, and they will all be watching.