The Missouri Military Academy (MMA) has been described as one of the premier all-boy military boarding schools in the United States. The MMA was founded in 1889 and is located in Mexico, Missouri. The school states that its mission is to empower “young men to succeed through a program of academic excellence, character development and leadership training.”

The MMA offers classes from grades 6-12 and most of the school’s almost 300 students are in the higher grades. Classes are small, allowing more personal time between teachers and individual students. The school offers the all the standard courses along with advanced courses in American history, calculus, economics, English comp, English lit, physics, statistics and Spanish. As a military school, dress is, of course, formal.

In addition to academics, the military academy has a variety of sports programs. Sports offered include baseball, basketball, football, riflery, swimming, track and field, wrestling and more. Athletic teams are called The Colonels. The MMA facilities also include a horse stable and the Centennial Gymtorium.

Extracurricular activities are encouraged and include, in part: marching band, military police, drill team, drama club, chess club, weight training, and a World War II reenactment club called the “Railsplitters.”

The MMA has a history of excellence and an impressive record of college admissions. Thousand of students have gone on to assume important positions in a variety of fields ranging from business to art to the military. Notable alumni include Cody Fowler, former president of the American Bar Association; businessman Howard R. Hughes, Sr.; William Berry, former Chief Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and many more.

For over 120 years, the Missouri Military Academy has been accepting and educating young men from around the world. Students are taught the importance of self-discipline and character development and when they leave the academy, they are prepared to face the challenges of the future.