Map of Missouri highlighting Audrain County
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Audrain County is Missouri is a small rural farming community that produces firebricks. Firebricks are used at the bottom of fireplaces and kilns. The county was established in 1836. There are two differing stories on the namesake for Audrain County. One story says that the county was named after a settler, Samuel Audrain. Another story says that it was named after a member of the state legislature.
Cities and villages in Audrain County include Farber, Laddonia, Mexico, and Vandalia. Mexico, which has more than 11,000 records, according to the U.S. 2000 Census, is the main city in the county. Every year the city of Mexico hosts the Miss Missouri pageant.

Things to do in Audrain County

Most of the activities in Audrain County, center around the outdoors. Bird watching is a popular activity in the area. In the fall, people also pick apples at places like the Bender Hilltop Apple farm in Mexico. It’s also fun to tour historic areas in Audrain County. Visit Graceland Museum, or the American Saddlebred Horse Museum. The Country School will remind you of scenes from the television show, “Little House on the Prairie.” See the old school books. View historical school records, and take a look at the old-fashioned desks used in the Botts School which was built in 1903. Choose to visit themed festivals during the holidays for family fun.

Accommodations in Audrain County

Accommodations in Audrain County range from small motels to hotels. The greatest variety of accommodations are in Mexico. Best Western, Budget Inn, Days Inn, and Country Hearth Inn are some of the hotels that are located in the county seat of Mexico in Audrain County.


Food options in Audrain include chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Red Lobster, to restaurants that cater to Mexican, Italian, Chinese or American food. Try food from different restaurants, both the chains and the hometown restaurants to get a taste of Missouri in Audrain.