Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

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It is time to plan the family vacation for this year.  You cannot be too extravagant in this economy so, at least for this year, the Taj Mahal and kissing the Blarney Stone will have to wait.  The Jersey shore has done its job.  It has been a nice staple for the many a year, but you are looking for at least a little variety.  Mom wants the kids to learn something on this vacation.  Dad wants a week’s worth of really good food.  The kids want to make sure there is something fun to do.  Other than place with the mouse and his girlfriend, where is there to go so that everyone gets their wish.

Why not visit Audrain County, Missouri?  While not exactly on everyone’s list of places to visit, maybe it should be.  Audrain County has a lot to offer.  For mom, who wants to mix a little education with this vacation, there are historical sites like Graceland, a historical manor that is now a museum, where Ulysses S. Grant once stayed.  The Missouri Military Academy, founded in 1889 remains one of the best private schools in the country.  For dad, who wants to sample the cuisine, family style eating abounds.  Audrain County is rich in agriculture and most of the food is grown right on the farms from where it is served.  You can learn to milk a cow and see where the livestock are kept and fed.  After a long day on the farm, visit one of the many family style restaurants and feast on the fresh picked vegetables as well as fresh meat, right from the farm.

For the kids, there is the Pool at the Fairgrounds, if the weather is hot.  For a small fee, the kids can swim and splash all day.  Not to mention, the Miss Missouri pageant is held in Audrain County, and you can plan your vacation around that.

Audrain County has something for everyone, all packed into a great vacation.