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It’s time for another family vacation and this time you are looking for something other than the beach or European venture. Why not stay right where you are and explore one of America’s good ole states?
Audrain is a rural county located in north central Missouri in the middle of the United States. Covering an area of 692 square miles, or 440,000 acres, its land is on the divide between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Organized in 1836, it was once mostly prairie. Today it is widely known for its farms and firebrick.
With its rich, fertile land, Audrain is one of Missouri’s leading agricultural counties. Its main crops are soybeans, corn, grain sorghum and wheat. Once a national center for saddle horses and mules, it now produces mainly hogs and cattle.
Residents of the county, among who are world travelers, enjoy many cultural, historical, musical, sports and recreational activities.