Where to Spend a Memorable Family Vacation

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There are many places you can go for a memorable family vacation. Summer is usually the best time for these getaways because the kids are out of school. However, your child’s spring break, the week of Thanksgiving, and the end of December are other times when your kids can leave school behind for a vacation.


One great place to go on a family vacation is to a state or national park. Don’t waste a vacation sitting in a hotel room watching television. Parks are full of natural beauty. Find a park that offers great places to go camping with the family and has many activities for all ages. A lot of the national parks also have historical sites you can visit.


Another place to spend a memorable family vacation is at a beach. It’s the perfect place to go swimming, surfing, fishing, and has many more enjoyable activities for the family. A beach is also a very relaxing place where you can just lie in the sun and stick your toes in the sand. Search Canada 411 to find some great beaches in your area with family friendly attractions and restaurants.


Amusement parks are a great place for kids as well as adults. If you have a larger budget, you can visit some of the most exciting amusement parks such as Disneyland or Six Flags. No matter where you live, there’s probably an amusement park within driving distance. These parks typically have entertainment options that extend beyond rides. Some offer concerts and shopping venues.


Historical Tidbits about Audrain County, MO

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Audrain County, Missouri’s known history dates back as far as 1816 when the first settler, a hermit named Robert Littleby, came to stay in today’s Audrain County and eventually built a cabin in what is now Prairie Township. Very little else is known about the early days in the area other than there were only occasional reports of people passing through the area. Life on the prairie was hard and initially not suitable for settling or farming because of the scarcity of timber and soil that was difficult to cultivate.

The first people to come through the area were emigrants from the eastern states, notably Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. While many of these people continued west, some stayed to form a community. Audrain County was formed in 1831 and founded in December 1837 with Mexico as the county seat. It is interesting to note that Mexico was originally named “New Mexico” when it was a stopping point for travelers headed for the then Republic of Texas. The word “new” was dropped when Texas became a state.

The first community school was built in 1832, before the county was even founded. The county’s school system was formally organized in 1874. Mexico became the focal point for growth in Audrain County. The town was incorporated in 1855 and chartered as a city in 1874. Many of the original town’s buildings are still standing around the historic square.

A local history of Audrain County written in 1884 notes that it was the junction point for three railways that connected Mexico with St. Louis and Chicago and describes Mexico as the “brightest of all town” in the county.


Planning a Ski Vacation

Any kind of vacation will be more successful if it is carefully planned well in advance. To plan a ski vacation, make a checklist with categories such as accommodations, travel, reservations, activities and packing. As you think of items that need attention, add them to the list and check it frequently until you’re ready to leave. Work with those who will travel with you so each person’s needs are met.

If you go to an unfamiliar resort learn all you can about it first. If you want to ski in Tennessee, find out about the state’s sole ski resort, Ober Gatlinburg, in the Great Smoky Mountains. The hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in the town and the features of the ski resort are all important to know. Finding ski deals 2011 requires research.

Your packing list should include all the clothing and equipment needed for skiing. If you plan to rent skis, find out what is available at the resort and how much you’ll pay. Determine how the extra cost of taking your own skis on an airline flight compares to the cost of renting skis at the resort.

If you’ll be driving, know the route and road conditions and what luggage each person will take. If you plan to fly, arrange for travel from the airport to the resort. Your budget will help you decide where you can go and how to get there.  Ski vacation planning includes learning what accommodations are available, how close they are to the slopes and about other available activities nearby. See if package deals on transportation, lodging, lift tickets, etc. will be cost effective compared to purchasing separately.


Taking an RV on Vacation

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When going on vacation in an RV, there are different preparations that need to be made as opposed to traveling in a different type of vehicle. For example, when you are traveling in a car you are most likely to stop at hotels along the way, but when traveling in an RV, you must stop at campsites along the way. There are other preparations that need to be made when traveling in an RV.

If you have your own RV, make sure that it is in working condition before you leave on your trip and that it is registered. If you are planning on renting an RV, you may want to research different local businesses that rent out RVs so you can find the most reliable one with the best prices. Before you leave, make sure you have motor home insurance in the event that something happened to your vehicle along the way.

As part of your planning, make sure you have a plan on where you are going to stop along the way. You may want to research different campsites so that your drivers can get an adequate amount of sleep. There’s no point in stopping at a hotel when you are traveling with an RV, so you are going to have to research campsites so you know where you’re going to stop.

Budget any other common expenses. Motor homes tend to use more fuel than other vehicles, so make sure you know the gas mileage of your RV so you can factor in the correct amount of fuel needed plus the cost of campsites, activities, and food.


Tips for Winter Travel to Audrain County

Audrain County in Missouri experiences some of the most drastic temperature changes in the country. Winters can be unforgiving and cold. When travelling to Missouri in the winter, you will need to winterize your car with a good quality anti-freeze. Make sure your battery is in good condition and your exhaust system has been serviced. Also, ensure that your car oil can stand up to cold weather.

If you can help it, avoid travelling until all the roads have been cleared of snow and treated. Skidding is quite possible and you wouldn’t want to be a road impediment yourself. Make sure you car is inspected before winter comes with extra attention given to the tires, brakes and windshield wipers.

Always check local news and information from the Missouri State Highway Patrol on the conditions of the road to the area you are planning on visiting. Pack some snacks, water and one or two blankets in the car when you head out. Make sure a member of the family is aware of where you are headed so that people know to look for you in case of an emergency. Have your phone fully charged and a car phone charger handy.

Some things that you definitely need in the car during the winter are a flashlight, some basic medicines, cough drops and warm clothing for all in the car. Also, keep a small bag of sand to help give your wheels some traction and a shovel. Keep booster cables handy as well as small tools like pliers, a wrench and a screwdriver. Keep a bright multi-colored cloth handy to use as a flag.


Tips for Relocating to Audrain County

The thought of moving an entirely functional home to another location can be quite distressing. If you are relocating to Audrain County, there are a few basic pointers to keep in mind to ensure that your move is a pleasant one. As a first step to relocating to Audrain County, start your planning as early as possible.

At some point, you will have a moving date. Call all your service providers – phones, newspapers, groceries, electricity, etc and give a cut-off date for a day after you move out. Get in touch with all the service providers at your new home and arrange to have all the utilities working when you arrive. This ensures that you don’t have a powerless home the day you arrive. Go to the post office and fill out a change of address form. Specify from when you would like your mail delivered to your new address.

Start collecting boxes at least a month in advance. You can get boxes from your local grocery store. Place boxes in each room and gradually starting packing things that you will not be using until you get to the new house. Never forget to label the box with the name of the room it goes in, what it contains and if there is anything fragile in it.

If you need to rent a moving truck, talk to a few moving companies and get quotes from each one of them. Sometimes a package deal with a movers company including boxes, packing and transport to the new house will work well for you.


Hunting Attractions in Audrain County

Audrain County is famous for its touristic attractions. It is also famous for the opportunities it provides to hunters. You can visit several hunting attractions in Audrain County. Just find out all the rules and regulations for each place and adhere to them. After all, the wilderness is to promote the wellbeing of flora and fauna.

The Mingo Wilderness covers 7730 acres of land and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. Here you can indulge in hiking, backpacking, horse packing and even some stargazing. For those who love the water, there is kayaking, canoeing and rafting. No motorized equipment or transportation is allowed here. The Mingo Wilderness also follows a strict leave no trace policy. Therefore, you will have to plan your trip meticulously, right down to the disposal of waste.

Rockpile Mountain is another attraction; it covers around 4089 acres of land. All of this falls under Missouri’s jurisdiction. The air and water here is clean and provides pristine environs for several species of animals including some endangered species. As with any other location, you must adhere to the wilderness related rules.

The Great River National Wildlife Refuge covers a massive 11,600 acres and stretches along 120 miles of the Mississippi River. It has three separate units that are located on the flood plain on the Illinois as well as Missouri sides of the river. The Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge forms part of the Great River Refuge, which in turn is a part of the Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge Complex. This entire corridor is an important one in terms of migratory birds that visit the place.


Audrain County Popular Golf Course Attractions

It is sometimes difficult to organize a vacation where everyone in the family has something to which they look forward. Audrain County does work as a good tourist spot with several opportunities for sightseeing, adventure sports as well as quiet relaxation. However, what really gets people going is the presence of three golf courses here on which to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Golf courses in tourist areas have long been an attraction and in Audrain County it is no different. One of the courses here is the Mexico Country Club. This private course comes with nine interestingly laid out holes. You will need to reserve your tee time. The weekdays are a good bet for those vacationing. Weekends tend to get a little busy as well as expensive with admission fees being $15 a head.

One of the larger golf courses here in Audrain County is the Arthur Hills Golf Course. This comes with 18 holes to play on. It is a semi-private course and you will have to find out the times when the general public are allowed to come and play. Of course, you will have to reserve your tee time in advance. With other courses, weekend admission fee is $15.

Another course that grabs the interest of tourists in Audrain County is the Vandalia Country Club. This is a private course with nine holes. Reservation for tee time is a must especially if you plan to visit on weekends. The amenities in terms of golf requirements as well as other leisure related ones are great here. Weekends invite a $15 admission fee.

Golf courses are a great way to keep the men in the group occupied while the women and children spend a leisurely afternoon relaxing over a long brunch. All these golf courses provide such an opportunity.


Area Attractions in Audrain County

Audrain County has it all when it comes to being a touristic place. It has places of history and modern significance. There are activities for adventure lovers and even golf for those who enjoy a laid-back holiday. As with any place, Audrain County has attractions that are uniquely its own. If you are visiting Audrain County, here is a look at some of the attractions you can visit.

If you are with family on a RV trip around the country or even on a small vacation, then the Lakeview Park is for you. It has all the amenities you will need when on such a trip including spots to park your RV, tents if you like to stay outdoors, electricity for your RV, clean toilets and even playgrounds and ADA. It would be a good idea, however, to call in advance and book your slots. Audrain County is a popular spot to visit.

The Country School is another popular touristic attraction here. It was built in the year 1903 in a particular location and then it was moved to the museum here at Audrain in 1989. Its specialties are the period furnishings that have been maintained and are on display. The museum is seasonal and only opens between February and December. It costs $3 for an adult and $1 for a child younger than 12 years to get in. Another building is the Country Church, which was built in 1889 and in 1998 moved from its original location to its current one at the museum. Entrance fees are the same as for the Country School.

The Graceland Museum and & American Saddlebred horse Museum is a massive museum to which the church and country school have been relocated. The antebellum mansion on campus of this museum houses the equestrian collection. The grounds of this museum, in addition to housing all of the above, have trails.


Missouri Military Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

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The Missouri Military Academy for young men, located in Audrain County, Missouri, was founded in 1889 and is one of the best private schools in the country.  With emphasis on preparing young men for college and life after the Academy, striving for academic excellence, while they continually enhance the technology to meet the every changing educational challenges of the future.  The Academy demands discipline and nurtures self-discipline, stressing the values of honor, integrity, perseverance and duty.

Graduates of the Academy have been recruited by some of the most prestigious colleges in the country, including The Air Force Academy, Virginia Military Institute and the Citadel.  The Military Academy also boasts the privilege of nominating cadets to the US Military Academy at West Point, the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, the US Air Force Academy and the US Coast Guard Academy, the University of Southern California and Penn State University to name a few.

The Missouri Military Academy has a middle school for grades six to eight.  The classes are small, with about ten students to a class, offering a full curriculum of English, Reading, Social Studies, Math and Science.  Elective courses include Art, Drama and Music.  Mandatory athletics throughout the year fulfill the physical education requirement for the seventh and eighth grade students.  The Academy also offers an Academically Elite Day School for students achieving a 3.0 or greater grade point average.  With a rigorous academic curriculum, the 2010 graduating class of 46 cadets garnered more than three million dollars in academic and athletic scholarships.

With the US Department of Education recognizing The Missouri Military Academy for young men as one of the best private schools in the country, this might just be the place you want to take a look at to shape your young man, and prepare him for the future.  If it is a military type school that you are considering, take the time to take a look at The Missouri Military Academy for young men.