Historical Tidbits about Audrain County, MO

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Audrain County, Missouri’s known history dates back as far as 1816 when the first settler, a hermit named Robert Littleby, came to stay in today’s Audrain County and eventually built a cabin in what is now Prairie Township. Very little else is known about the early days in the area other than there were only occasional reports of people passing through the area. Life on the prairie was hard and initially not suitable for settling or farming because of the scarcity of timber and soil that was difficult to cultivate.

The first people to come through the area were emigrants from the eastern states, notably Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. While many of these people continued west, some stayed to form a community. Audrain County was formed in 1831 and founded in December 1837 with Mexico as the county seat. It is interesting to note that Mexico was originally named “New Mexico” when it was a stopping point for travelers headed for the then Republic of Texas. The word “new” was dropped when Texas became a state.

The first community school was built in 1832, before the county was even founded. The county’s school system was formally organized in 1874. Mexico became the focal point for growth in Audrain County. The town was incorporated in 1855 and chartered as a city in 1874. Many of the original town’s buildings are still standing around the historic square.

A local history of Audrain County written in 1884 notes that it was the junction point for three railways that connected Mexico with St. Louis and Chicago and describes Mexico as the “brightest of all town” in the county.


Hunting Attractions in Audrain County

Audrain County is famous for its touristic attractions. It is also famous for the opportunities it provides to hunters. You can visit several hunting attractions in Audrain County. Just find out all the rules and regulations for each place and adhere to them. After all, the wilderness is to promote the wellbeing of flora and fauna.

The Mingo Wilderness covers 7730 acres of land and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. Here you can indulge in hiking, backpacking, horse packing and even some stargazing. For those who love the water, there is kayaking, canoeing and rafting. No motorized equipment or transportation is allowed here. The Mingo Wilderness also follows a strict leave no trace policy. Therefore, you will have to plan your trip meticulously, right down to the disposal of waste.

Rockpile Mountain is another attraction; it covers around 4089 acres of land. All of this falls under Missouri’s jurisdiction. The air and water here is clean and provides pristine environs for several species of animals including some endangered species. As with any other location, you must adhere to the wilderness related rules.

The Great River National Wildlife Refuge covers a massive 11,600 acres and stretches along 120 miles of the Mississippi River. It has three separate units that are located on the flood plain on the Illinois as well as Missouri sides of the river. The Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge forms part of the Great River Refuge, which in turn is a part of the Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge Complex. This entire corridor is an important one in terms of migratory birds that visit the place.


Audrain County Popular Golf Course Attractions

It is sometimes difficult to organize a vacation where everyone in the family has something to which they look forward. Audrain County does work as a good tourist spot with several opportunities for sightseeing, adventure sports as well as quiet relaxation. However, what really gets people going is the presence of three golf courses here on which to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Golf courses in tourist areas have long been an attraction and in Audrain County it is no different. One of the courses here is the Mexico Country Club. This private course comes with nine interestingly laid out holes. You will need to reserve your tee time. The weekdays are a good bet for those vacationing. Weekends tend to get a little busy as well as expensive with admission fees being $15 a head.

One of the larger golf courses here in Audrain County is the Arthur Hills Golf Course. This comes with 18 holes to play on. It is a semi-private course and you will have to find out the times when the general public are allowed to come and play. Of course, you will have to reserve your tee time in advance. With other courses, weekend admission fee is $15.

Another course that grabs the interest of tourists in Audrain County is the Vandalia Country Club. This is a private course with nine holes. Reservation for tee time is a must especially if you plan to visit on weekends. The amenities in terms of golf requirements as well as other leisure related ones are great here. Weekends invite a $15 admission fee.

Golf courses are a great way to keep the men in the group occupied while the women and children spend a leisurely afternoon relaxing over a long brunch. All these golf courses provide such an opportunity.


Area Attractions in Audrain County

Audrain County has it all when it comes to being a touristic place. It has places of history and modern significance. There are activities for adventure lovers and even golf for those who enjoy a laid-back holiday. As with any place, Audrain County has attractions that are uniquely its own. If you are visiting Audrain County, here is a look at some of the attractions you can visit.

If you are with family on a RV trip around the country or even on a small vacation, then the Lakeview Park is for you. It has all the amenities you will need when on such a trip including spots to park your RV, tents if you like to stay outdoors, electricity for your RV, clean toilets and even playgrounds and ADA. It would be a good idea, however, to call in advance and book your slots. Audrain County is a popular spot to visit.

The Country School is another popular touristic attraction here. It was built in the year 1903 in a particular location and then it was moved to the museum here at Audrain in 1989. Its specialties are the period furnishings that have been maintained and are on display. The museum is seasonal and only opens between February and December. It costs $3 for an adult and $1 for a child younger than 12 years to get in. Another building is the Country Church, which was built in 1889 and in 1998 moved from its original location to its current one at the museum. Entrance fees are the same as for the Country School.

The Graceland Museum and & American Saddlebred horse Museum is a massive museum to which the church and country school have been relocated. The antebellum mansion on campus of this museum houses the equestrian collection. The grounds of this museum, in addition to housing all of the above, have trails.


A Brief Overview of Audrain County

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Many people know the great state of Missouri, what many people don’t know is that there is a great county that has been standing for well over 150 years. That’s the county of Audrain and it’s a booming county that just keeps growing. In 2000, the population of the rich county was 25, 853. The county, although no one is quite clear, seems to be named after Samuel Audrain. There are others out there who believe the county got it’s name from a state legislator known as either James Audrain or Charles Audrain.

The county is not unique. As a matter of fact it is one of the several counties that was formed along the Missouri River. It’s immigrants were from the Upper South. They had previously populated the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. These state brought slaves and slaveholding traditions with them and they were able to use those slaves to help cultivate crops that would act that would resemble what they were getting in Middle Tennessee. They started to make hemp products as well as tobacco. This turned out to be a great boon to the economy.

The south has always been known for it’s connection to tobacco and so in starting a county it was only appropriate that in the face of no other original ideas for their county that they go back to doing the old tried and true methods of running their county and making it financially viable. This is where tobacco and hemp came in. These crops became the backbone of the county until recently. While tobacco is still a viable crop, recent restraints put on the tobacco industry has made this crop far less profitable than ever before. Audrain county is one of the most stable counties and will continue that way for years to come.


Some General Information About Audrain County

Audrain county is in Missouri. Located in the heart of the US, the largely rural county is a picturesque setting. According to the 2009 population estimate, Audrain county had around twenty five thousand people. A small population this, yet Audrain county is thickly populated with livestock.

It does not have a mixed culture. The large part of the population constitutes white Americans, while black Americans hover around ten percent. The percentage of Asians, and Hispanics is negligible. This shows that though Audrain county is not diverse culturally, it has plenty of room to accommodate an influx of culturally variety.

The primary language spoken is English. Though other languages are spoken, this is again negligible. Audrain county boasts of a high percentage of high school graduates. It has more than seventy five percent high school graduates. This easily classifies it as a place with good literacy.

Audrain county is a place that’s good to set up a home. Given the fact that three-fourth of the population own a house, this might not be difficult. A home in Audrain county will be like living in a rural backdrop of an urban setting. And not the other way round, as most people experience it.

The per capita income of Audrain county is close to twenty thousand dollars per year. This is pretty good considering that Audrain county is bang in the middle, and not along the coast. If it were, then there would be more trade and commerce happening because of its geographical disposition.

Even as we talk about the per capita income, it is interesting to note that Audrain county does have people below the poverty line. Around fifteen percent people fall below the poverty line. Now with new developments in Audrain county, that statistic will gradually come down.

Audrain county is sparsely populated at some places, and slightly denser in some parts. So there’s a lot of place, and less people here. Yet it does not wear a desolated look.


All About Audrain County, Missouri

Audrain County, located in central Missouri, is home to about 26,000 people. Its largest town, Mexico, has a population of about 11,000. Covering 440,000 acres of land, Audrain County sits on the divide between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. When the town was started in 1836, it was wide open prairie but is now home to many farms and neighborhoods.

With it fertile soil, Audrain County is one of Missouri’s leading agricultural counties. Its main crops are wheat, sorghum, corn, soybeans and grain. At one time Audrain County was a national producer of horses and mules but now produces more cattle and hogs.

Education is important to the residents of Audrain County and most of its students attend one of the three public schools housed there. Also located in Audrain County is Missouri Military Academy, an all male private boarding school. Founded in 1889, Missouri Military Academy is now one of the leading military academies in the United States. This beautiful campus welcomes visitors and tours are scheduled by contacting the school.

Robert S. Green Park, located in the town of Mexico, houses the Audrain County Historical Society. Visitors to the park will find Graceland Museum, a beautiful antebellum mansion that played host to Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. Guests are welcome to tour nine of the museum’s rooms which house displays illustrating the history of Audrain County.

Horse enthusiasts will enjoy touring the American Saddlebred Horse Museum located there. The famous show horse Rex McDonald is buried on the museum’s grounds.

Audrain County is also important to the country’s political life since it is home to current U.S. Senator Christopher Bond. Senator Bond also served as Governor of Missouri.

Audrain County plays an important role in Missouri’s agricultural, educational and political life. Visitors can expect to find a friendly place full of small town activities to entertain them during their stay.


Things To Know About Audrain

There are not a lot of things that you here about audrain county. While those who live there get a first hand glimpse of just how great a place like that is to it’s outsiders have a hard time knowing much about it. What we know is that this is one of the best places to visit anywhere in the area. It’s got some of the best bars and restaurants around and on the weekends you will see the restaurants packed with people. So if you are planning a trip to Audrain county or perhaps you are going to be moving into the area. If you are then there is a few things you should know.

The best time to visit Audrain county is the spring and the summer. There is nothing that can beat a southern state in the Summer. It’s one of the reasons why the tourism in the state of Missouri grows as the weather gets warmer.

If you are here for the right time of year then you will learn that Missouri, just like most other states, is football obsessed. They love their high school and college football. So if you are looking for something to do on a friday or Saturday night then you can head over and watch some football.

What Missouri is known for is it’s down home cooking. If you want a meal that will keep you raving for weeks and one that you can enjoy with the whole family, then there are no shortage of restaurants you will find in Missouri. It’s great to sit back and have a burger or some mashed potatoes made with tender loving care and served by people with southern hospitality. Audrain county might not be on everyones list for places to visit, but it’s a great place.


Audrain County Agriculture Agribusiness

Audrain Agribusiness in a non-profit organization that promotes agriculture and agribusiness in Audrain County. The organization began in the late 1980′s, to work together in promoting the area as an agricultural center for Central and Northeast Missouri. With businesses joining together, the group has and continues to provide information and services that will benefit both the member businesses and the agricultural producers. Together the businesses and producers work to meet the needs and challenges of agriculture.

Currently there are more than 60 Audrain Agribusiness members. Members pay yearly dues. The organization has a committee that meets monthly to take care of detailed operations and regular business. The committee also plans and coordinates many of the activities for the organization.

The 1998 board members are: Delana Becker, Lori Diemeke, Mike Fuller, Guy Eick, Dan Monte, Tony Robertson, Jean Ann Mechlin and Mary Sobba


Audrain County Health

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Audrain Medical Center

What makes a great health system?

It all starts with a hospital — a hospital like Audrain Medical Center, with nearly 80 years of experience in bringing life into the world, keeping us healthy, treating our emergencies and helping us recover.

Our state-of-the-art Emergency Room saw more than 14,000 patients last year, and our surgery suite is home to many services that you may not have thought possible this close to home, including foldable lens, no-stitch cataract procedures and total joint replacements. In fact, nearly 30 medical specialities are practiced by our physicians and right here in Mexico — from Anesthesiology and Cardiology to Sports Medicine and Urology.

It takes more to be a system of health care. It takes a system of clinics that bring quality health care directly into our rural communities. Our MedChoice clinics and physicians provide family health care in cities like Vandalia, Montgomery City, Wellsville, Paris, Mexico, and Perry.

Our AMCare service takes health care one step further — right into the home. AMCare provides home health, hospice, and homemaker services throughout our region.

AMC’s Arthur Center is the region’s leader in treatment and counseling for these illnesses, as well as substance abuse, marriage/family & and women’s issues. We’re here to help 24 hours a day.

HEALTHworks provides outpatient physical rehabilitation services. This includes physical therapy, sports medicine, occupational medicine, and speech therapy. Simply put, we help our patients recover quickly from their injuries/surgeries so they can return to life and work again.

And now we are extremely excited about Missouri Advantage, our new regional health plan. Missouri Advantage is the only health plan in our area that is locally owned and managed but has the strength of a state-wide network of independent, rural hospitals. Missouri Advantage was the first provider-sponsored health plan in our area, including Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri.HRB

This is an exciting time for health care in our communities and Audrain Medical Center looks forward to providing the physicians, facilities, and services to keep us healthy and well into the next century.