Essential Items for Vacation Packing

A True vacation spirit 

Image by Kenzoka via Flickr

Whether your vacation plans entail just a few short days in a lovely place such as Audrain County, Michigan, or some far-off exotic location, there are a few tips that you should follow to make the most of any vacation. If you remember to take along these simple items, you’ll enjoy your days and nights.

  • Moist towelettes can be used to not only clean off your hands and face, but they are a great way to also cool down in warm climates. Use them to wipe those hot areas such as your neck and forehead.
  • Clear plastic bags are a must have. You can use them to store your postcard printing projects for people back home, or to put your toiletries into when you need to go through airport security.
  • A compact umbrella is a small detail many people forget until they are standing in the rain without cover. These are small and easy to pack. Make sure it is in a handy, easy to find spot.
  • Chargers are a must for everyone. These chargers can include those for cell phones and media players or those for electric shavers and other electronic devices. If you are traveling overseas or internationally, make sure that you also have currency converters for your electronics as well.
  • Make sure your wardrobe includes certain necessities such as at least one dressy or formal outfit, as well as the casual clothes for sightseeing. Include rain gear and comfortable shoes.

With these few simple items that should be included in your vacation packing list, your travels will be sure to be a little less stressful.

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