Tips for Winter Travel to Audrain County

Audrain County in Missouri experiences some of the most drastic temperature changes in the country. Winters can be unforgiving and cold. When travelling to Missouri in the winter, you will need to winterize your car with a good quality anti-freeze. Make sure your battery is in good condition and your exhaust system has been serviced. Also, ensure that your car oil can stand up to cold weather.

If you can help it, avoid travelling until all the roads have been cleared of snow and treated. Skidding is quite possible and you wouldn’t want to be a road impediment yourself. Make sure you car is inspected before winter comes with extra attention given to the tires, brakes and windshield wipers.

Always check local news and information from the Missouri State Highway Patrol on the conditions of the road to the area you are planning on visiting. Pack some snacks, water and one or two blankets in the car when you head out. Make sure a member of the family is aware of where you are headed so that people know to look for you in case of an emergency. Have your phone fully charged and a car phone charger handy.

Some things that you definitely need in the car during the winter are a flashlight, some basic medicines, cough drops and warm clothing for all in the car. Also, keep a small bag of sand to help give your wheels some traction and a shovel. Keep booster cables handy as well as small tools like pliers, a wrench and a screwdriver. Keep a bright multi-colored cloth handy to use as a flag.

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